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Animalsex story: Dog Sitting Gone Wild

ok this is my first story since i was 10 years old so bare with me ok... *ring ring* " hello? oh hi... yea its no problem bring him on over when ever you want." 15 min. later *ding dong* i walk to the door and open it "hi mrs. white, WOW! spinner sure has gotten big since i saw him last" "oh yea and he has gotten alot more rambungsous too i'm sorry i called you at the last minuite but our daughter bailed out on us at the last minuite and i didn't know who else to call so i called you i hope you don't mind... thank you so very much for watching him" (says mrs. white) " oh by the way don't leave the bath room door open when your in there spinner gets really curious ok well i'll see you in a week " " have a nice vacation."(shuts the door) "ok spinner lets listen to some tunes."

oh i forgot to introduce my self, my name is abigale, i have long bright red hair and green eyes. i am about 5'7" with a 63"29"36" stucture spinner is a beautiful male black lab with one white spot on his chest shaped like a spirel. well now that we're past the introductions lets get back to the story...

i say to spinner stay, i go into the bath room and take a shower remembering what mrs. white said i make sure to shut the door as i finish in the shower i hear spinner barking so i wrap my towl around me and walk out of the bathroom to check what spinner is barking at i look out the living room window and see that the mail man is walking away i tell spinner that its just the mail man relax go lay down as i walk back to the bath room i feel some thing cold and wet touch me from behind i shreek and jump spinner mind ya buisness i yell and i turn around and go back to what i was doing opening the bottem drawer under the sink to grab my brush i feel his nose again i jump up and turn around and say jeeze spinner now i know what mrs.

white ment by curious i push him out and shut the door i get ready for my date with kevin as i walk out of my bath room with my short silky black dress on the door bell rings i say well spinner thats him i hope things go well tonight, i open the door and let him in i tell him to hold on so i can put spinner in the back yard with the 9' fence and i leave kevin and i go to the movies.

As we're watching te movie kevin puts his hand on my leg and starts moving it up ward i haven't had sex in like 8 months so my hormones are automaticly start to go wild just before he reaches my pussy his phone vibrates and its his work calling he tells me i have to go to work maybe we can finish what we started some other time and he takes me home and rushes off to work i let spinner in and go to my room and change into my night shirt still horny from my date i start to play with my self and all of a suddenly i hear panting next to me, my eyes shoot open and i turn my head and see spinner on my bead but then i see some thing bobbing up and down and i look to see what it is and to my shock its spinners member and i am a curious person who likes to try every thing atleast once but my mind just keeps on saying don't even think about it he is a dog but my body says hey he's a male and no one will know so i turned over and put my butt up in the air in hopes partly that he would get the hint but partly hoping that he would not get the hint but before i could change my mind his face was between my legs sniffing and snorting.

Next thing i know his tounge starts licking my all ready wet pussy and as he is doing so my mind started to race and all of a suddenly all i can think about is the pleasure he is providing me with as he is licking at me my pussy starts to drip and then the licking stops ubruptly but before i could realize that it had he jumped up behind me and put his front legs around my waist and then i started to feel some thing hard poke around at me but before i could retalieate he found his target and shoved his large throbbing member into me and started to hump me as the time passed and i started to build up in sexual pleasure my body started to tremble from the absolute pleasure of sex but then i start to feel something much larger than his member start to swell inside me i started to panic because i have never done this before well it was too late i could not pull away and after a few minuites of having the knot in me i really started to enjoy it and then i felt large spurts of warmth flowing into me.

I couldn't help my self i let go and orgasmed and i didn't care that i was having sex with a dog it felt so good to have some one or reather some thing give me an orgasm rather than my self for a change so i just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of explicit pleasure and than his member fell out but needless to say i had many encounters that week.......

i might right more if ya'all show your intrested but please be kind i hadn't writen in a long time b4 this so i know its not that good but please gimme some feed back thanks