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Animalsex story: My First Time With Buster

Hi everyone, my name is Katie, I'm 20 years old. My first mating experience with my dog was about a year ago, and I'd like to share the story!

I've always been a very dedicated animal lover from a very young age. I was the kind of kid who would try to beat up guys twice my size if I saw them hurting a puppy or a kitten. I grew up around animals all my life, and have always been very active in crusading for animal rights. Needless to say, this would give me some initial conflicting feelings, but more on that later.

I started college two years ago as an 18 year old virgin with virtually no sex drive. I was always very focused on academics and had no time for dating, nor had I ever met a boy I had really clicked with. I tried dorm life for the first few months, but it was NOT for me. Luckily, I was able to get off campus housing fairly easily, and had moved into my own place by my second semester of freshman year. Once I moved in the desire to get a dog was almost instantaneous. Home just wasn't home to me unless you had a dog run to greet you at the door. I was at the local pound less than a week later and immediately fell in love with Buster. He jumped up on his cage door and cocked his head at me, and I was in love. It took me three weeks to go through the adoption procedure because he's part pit and the pound had some of those ridiculous, discriminatory rules about adopting out pits and pit mixes, but if I get started on that I'll be here for days. ANYWAY, suffice to say I eventually brought Buster home and we settled into a nice routine.

To talk about my entire sexual awakening would take a while, so let's just say that a few weeks passed and I met a guy. After a disastrous first attempt at a sexual encounter, I was left hurt, upset, and frustrated in more way than one. After much internal debate and paranoia, I found a discreet online website and ordered my first vibrator. The first night I settled in to play with it, I was in for another nasty shock: It just wouldn't fit. I'd always been a small girl but I was working under the assumption that with a little practice and a lot of will, it wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong. It took me almost a month of finger play to manage to get the vibrator inside of myself. When I did, it was a bit uncomfortable and unpleasant, but I figured it was nothing more practice wouldn't fix.

As it turns out I was right, and after about three months of work, I was able to comfortably take about five inches of the vibrator, and had become quite an old hand at masturbation. It should be noted that when I masturbated, I would make Buster stay outside in the living area. He objected at first, but had soon settled in to the routine. I'm pretty sure he began to be able to smell my arousal, and would look at me with his sad eyes, whine, and go settle into his dog bed, almost as if he were my own personal orgasm timer. "Alright mom, you have thirty minutes before I start getting impatient!" As cliched as this sounds, and it does, I know, this was the routine up until the night I didn't close the door all the way. I was getting down to business, shall we say, when I felt Buster jump on the bed. I immediately went to put him out of the room, but he had other plans, sticking his nose in my crotch and starting to lick. My visceral reaction went from arousal to shock and horror at myself, and I forced him out the room, with him sniffing at me and trying to lick as I walked the entire time. Once I had the door shut, he started crying, and I felt so guilty that I quickly threw on my robe and abandoned play for that night.

Once again, this was a mistake. I had neglected to wear clothes under the robe, but once I settled in on the sofa with Buster laying on my feet, I got so engrossed in a tv show that I just kind of forgot about it. That is until I went to feed Buster. I was still a bit frustrated from my earlier self coitus interruptus, when I reached into the cabinet for a can, my robe came a bit undone and I rubbed up against one of the lower cabinet handles. At that point, I was horny enough that I couldn't even bother to feel guilty, I just wanted it to hit that same spot at that same angle as many times as possible. Let's not mince words, I basically ended up humping a cabinet knob. This is what I had come to. I don't remember how long this went on, but I was interrupted by a cold nose right between my spread legs, licking. I knew it was Buster, I knew I had to stop him, but I was so close to an orgasm that just a few licks pushed me over the edge. I came harder than I ever had before, and barely put up a fight when Buster kept licking me, even sliding down against the cabinet to give him better access. I was in a bit of a haze, but soon got my bearings about me and realized I was letting my dog preform oral sex on me in the middle of my kitchen. Once again, the familiar feelings of shame took over, and I quickly got to my knees to get up.

I'm sure you know what's coming, but that was another mistake. Before I knew it, Buster was on my back. The weight made me fall down to all fours, and I could feel his penis pushing against my bottom. I tried to stand up, but he was too heavy, and when I moved it only gave him better access. Against my better judgment, I stayed still on the floor and let him up against my thigh until he came. When I felt him spurt on me, I was so ashamed I ran to my room and shut the door, leaving poor Buster alone and confused in the kitchen.

I'm not proud of my actions, but until then the thought of Buster as anything other than a companion had never crossed my mind. I felt dirty, and sick, and like I had hurt and taken advantage of Buster. After that, I was very careful to lock the door while masturbating, and shower after each time, so the scent didn't lead to a repeat performance. Things went back to normal immediately with Buster, of course, but I couldn't stop feeling bad about what I'd done and even worse at the fact that I had liked it. I became obsessed with the memory, until it was nearly the only fantasy that could bring me to orgasm, but I pushed it down for Buster's sake, as I perceived this as something I was doing to hurt him, as something he didn't want. I couldn't be farther from the truth on THAT matter, but at the time I felt just terrible. It wasn't until three months later that I gave into my desires enough to research things online, which was, incidentally, the first time I ever found this forum. With my mind a bit more at ease and finals over, I decided to spend my summer indulging my new found curiosity, if Buster would have me. It turns out that was a very, very silly concern.

I hate to be a tease, but I WILL post more later on tonight, promise! This is just getting so long because I'm insufferably longwinded!