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Animalsex story: Pregnant And Desperate

It was a cold Sunday evening, when I stepped naked into my bedroom looking down at my swollen breast as I rubbed my tummy, I was 7 months pregnant and showing a beautiful bump but sadly my boyfriend doesn't finds me attractive anymore so the lack of sex in 5months was leaving me desperate. I dried myself and put on my bedwear to go downstairs and say goodbye to my boyfriend who was getting ready for his nightshift in the police.

So it meant a exciting night on the sofa infront of the television and being Sunday tv was more boring then usual. During a extremely boring show as I was rubbing my bump I heard the familair "slurping" noise which caused me to look over at the corner. I saw my dog licking his gorgeous pink cock. Memories came flooding back of those nights alone in my bedroom with the dog on my back making love to me better then my bf could ever dream off... I don't know what came over me but my hand was in underwear and I was pleasing myself. It felt amazing as I slowly teased my pussy. I pulled my underwear down and positioned myself so he could get easily to me.

I called him over and started patting my pussy to interest him in it, Storm took a long smell from my fanny before sticking his cold wet nose into it causing me to jump, his tongue lapping at my wet swollen lips causing me to moan with excitement and joy because Storm was the first male to please me like this in a long time and he didn't care I was pregnant and fat. His tongue occasionally diving into my pussy given me the best joy I've experienced in a long long time. Rubbing my clit as his tongue worked away on me I could feel a earth shattering orgasm building, and my moans became screams as I let go and the orgasm rocked my body, leaving me feeling shaken and satisfyied but making me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet.

As I said I'm currently 7months pregnant and desperate to be pleased by my dog, so is it safe/possible to have sex with my dog without harming my babygirl?

Thank you for taking time to read my story and hopefully I can have my question answered and maybe soon I'll be writing what happened x x